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Controlling accurately the position and velocity of robots in a given time is an important requirement in the industry. The open-source real-time operating systems not only have more advantages than the normal operating systems in both economy and flexibility but also meet the needs. This paper concentrates on building algorithms for controlling the robot trajectory in time using a modern real-time operating system called Linux-Xenomai. Firstly, the paper analyzes several advantages of the real-time operating system Linux-Xenomai comparing general operating systems and other real-time operating systems. Secondly, a real-time controller of a 5 degree-of-freedom (DOF) robot is built based on the real-time operating system Linux-Xenomai. After that, the paper proposes algorithms to test the ability of working in time of the robot. Finally, the real experiments are done to verify the proposed algorithms.

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Issue: Vol 3 No 3 (2020)
Page No.: 461-471
Published: Dec 3, 2020
Section: Research article

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Phung, T. C. (2020). Study on Application of Real-time Control Method for Controlling Position of Robots in the Given Time. Science & Technology Development Journal - Engineering and Technology, 3(3), 461-471.

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