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In the upcoming period, petroleum is still an irreplaceable energy resource, but it is a non-renewable resource, so in addition to expanding the exploration, the accurate assessment of the potential hydrocarbon initial in place of the current fields will be improved ownership remains an opportunity and a challenge for the exploration and production sector. Results of collecting, processing and analyzing high-resolution geological and seismic data, well geophysics, updated reservoir testing, application of geostatistical tools in interpolation of identified geological features allow to dentify significant potential oil targets block 15-2/17, including 7 potential structures HB, HV, HN, DC, ES, GE, TW, by applying volumetric method the OIIP estimated 1,173.26 MMrbbls (P50), at last assessing the reliability assessment and recognizing the uncertainties. The study applied theoretical basis and data of blocks parameters to estimate Oil initial in place by applying volumetric method with Stochastis approach giving quite similar results (5-7% difference) with RAR reports so the results are reliable. The evaluation results contribute to clarifying reservoir parameters, predicting the distribution trend of potential targets; characteristics of the reservoir distribution and effectively supports for overall development plan in appraisal and development phases.

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Tuấn, N., Tran, X., Huynh, T., Nguyen, A., Nguyen, K., & Truong, T. (2022). Assessmenting of oil potential in Block 15-2/17, Cuu Long basin. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 5(SI1), 36-45.

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