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In this study, a comprehensive model is introduced for predicting fluid flow temperature in gas wells, integrating the mechanical energy bal-ance equation with convection, conduction, and radiation modes of heat transfer. The pressure calculation process is enhanced by the incorpo-ration of the Gray correlation. The key findings reveal a remarkable consistency between the proposed model and measured data, demonstrating deviations of only 0.34% and 0.63% for pressure loss prediction and temperature distribution along the borehole, respectively. Nodal analysis emerges as a valuable technique, enabling precise calculations of pressure and temperature in the wellbore and reservoir flow. Through sensitiv-ity analysis, the study evaluates the impact of various factors, such as tubing size and production rate, on temperature and pressure in the well-bore, considering both wellhead and bottom hole locations. Conclusions drawn from the sensitivity analysis underscore the significant influ-ence of changes in flow rate on temperature along the production tubing, with an increase from 20 to 100 mmscf/d resulting in a temperature rise from 150 to 300 oF. Tubing size is identified as a crucial determinant in pressure loss calculations, showing a slight decrease in wellhead temperature from 281 to 252 oF when increasing tubing size from 3 to 5.5 inches at a fixed production rate. However, variations in tubing di-ameter exhibit substantial effects on temperature and pressure under different operating production rates.

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Tạ, D., & Đỗ, A. (2024). Assessment and Analysis of Gas Flow Temperature in Gas Production: A Case Study in VietNam. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 6(SI7), In press.

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