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This paper presents an improvement in the history matching results of a gas condensate well operating under dew point pressure conditions with significant condensate dropout phenomena. This phenomenon poses challenges for history matching efforts and reliable production forecasting, especially in the context of most gas condensate fields being produced in the pressure depletion stage nowadays. In this study, particular attention is given to the characteristics of the gas condensate flow that describe the condensate dropout phenomenon in the near-wellbore region, thereby enhancing the history matching. The key characteristics of gas condensate flows include Generalized Pseudo-Pressure (GPP), Velocity Dependent Relative Permeability (VDRP), and non−Darcy flow. These three characteristics are of particular importance in the near-wellbore region, and each of them is described in detail to capture the physical behavior of the complex gas condensate flow. The actual production data, such as production rate and bottom-hole pressure, are used as the targets to elucidate the significant impact of considering these three characteristics on the history matching. This work demonstrates the necessity of considering these characteristics to describe the behavior of gas condensate flow, and ultimately shows improved history matching results compared to the conventional approach.

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Nguyễn, T., & Cao, L. (2024). History matching for the X−1P well taking into account the characteristics of gas condensate flow in the near-wellbore region. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 6(SI7), In press.

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