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The article presents an overview of traditional water meters in Vietnam, digitizing metrology technologies and wireless data transmission technology for data collection and user applications in smart water metering systems. After that, it is proposed to design a smart wireless water meter module. This paper focuses on designing and implementing a smart water meter to re-use traditional mechanical water meters by designing a smart water metering module attached to the existing meter. This way, it eliminates the costs of investing in flow water meter and influences the old water meter infrastructure system. The contribution of this paper is threefold: (i) Firstly, it proposes wireless data transmission and digitizing metrology technologies suitable for water metering systems in Viet Nam. (ii) Secondly, the proposed smart water meter module designs include hardware, firmwave, and plastic cover. There are two experimental prototypes of the module is introduced in this paper (iii) Lastly, The paper provides a water metering management software model for smart cities. And the overall systems of the proposed platform were built to verify the presented design. To reduce the amount of water leaking or users hacking from outside the meter in the measurement results, the article proposes to design features to alert about: abnormal flow, strong magnetic field influence, and equipment cover being removed. The experimental verification was designed with the Actaris water meter using Hall technology to digitize data and the Itron water meter with digitizing technology using the LC sensor. Besides, the Lora wireless network system is proposed and deployed to verify the water metering management with the advantages of low energy consumption, high security, and strict authentication process. Actual results for the laboratory environment and residential areas show that signal loss (RSSI) and signal noise (SNR) is within the allowable range. In addition, the packet loss rate <1% and average power consumption meter <50uA. Water metering management software is presented to verify the smart city service system.

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Issue: Vol 5 No 1 (2022)
Page No.: 1342-1370
Published: Apr 30, 2022
Section: Research article

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Nguyễn, H. P., Nguyễn, V. P., Nguyễn, M. H., & Lê, M. P. (2022). Development and Implementation of Smart Water Metering System based on Lora Technology. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 5(1), 1342-1370.

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