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Today, CNC milling machines appear in almost all areas of production and are widely used in industries. Besides, the CNC controller using LinuxCNC software (LinuxCNC controller) is considered to be quite cheap in price and compact in size. Therefore, it can be widely used to serve the needs of self-manufacturing CNC machines and meet the tastes of the Vietnamese market. During operation, there are many factors that affect the operation of the controller such as temperature and humidity inside the cabinet, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), vibration...etc. Continuous operation for a long time, the release of a large amount of heat due to electrical equipment inside the control cabinet is unavoidable. High ambient temperature inside the control cabinet can affect the stability and responsiveness of the electrical equipment, thereby reducing the accuracy of the CNC machine. The investigation based on experimental measurements will give the best estimates for the cooling option of the switchboard. But such things will take a lot of time, effort and money. By the way, Ansys CFX simulation software is considered a reliable solution to support experimental survey methods. In this paper, first of all, the authors have designed and modeled the electrical cabinet cover and the equipment inside the control cabinet into a 3D model. Then, the authors applied Ansys CFX software to simulate the temperature change inside the control cabinet after applying the cooling methods. The authors propose a solution to limit the high ambient temperature inside the control cabinet and based on the simulation results to evaluate the effectiveness, then select the appropriate method. For small-scale workshops without cooling systems, this survey method can be the right solution. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method to reduce heat, the authors measured and evaluated the position tracking error of the CNC milling machine. Besides, some products have been processed to compare and evaluate the quality. Finally, based on the results obtained in the paper, some conclusions are drawn to verify the effectiveness of this research method.

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  • Quoc Hung Nguyen

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  • Toan Bao Pham

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  • Luan Cong Vuong

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  • Nhi Kieu Ngo

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Nguyen, Q. H., Pham, T., Vuong, L., & Ngo, N. (2022). Proposing a solution to reduce heat for control cabinet of self-made CNC milling machine. Science & Technology Development Journal - Engineering and Technology, 4(SI2), In press.

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