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In recent years, the field of structural health monitoring (SHM) has been receiving the attention of many researchers. In particular, vibration-based structural damage detection methods have proven to be highly effective in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, … This paper presents a two-step procedure for damage detection in steel plane frame structures. In the first step, the damage locations in the frame are detected by Modal Strain Energy Index (MSEBI). This index is calculated on the difference from the modal strain energy value of every element before and after damage. In the second step, the damage extents are identified by Genetic Algorithm (GA). The objective function is established on the basis of the change of modal strain energy. A plane steel frame model is built by the finite element method. The results of the frame’s free vibration analysis are the input data of the proposed damage detection procedure. In order to improve the accuracy of the damage localization, the MSEBI is determined using the combination of the frame's first four bending mode shapes. The proposed method gives highly accurate results in detecting the damage’s location and extent for various damage scenarios.

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  • Van-Sy Bach

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  • Thanh-Cao Le

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  • Duc-Duy Ho

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Issue: Vol 4 No 4 (2021)
Page No.: 1254-1263
Published: Dec 31, 2021
Section: Research article

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Bach, V.-S., Le, T.-C., & Ho, D.-D. (2021). Structural damage detection in steel frames using modal strain energy method and genetic algorithm. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 4(4), 1254-1263.

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