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Land management in Cang Long district requires solutions to promote effective land use to serve socio-economic development. Land use planning is a tool for state management of land, one of the fifteen contents of state management of land that needs to be invested in order to rationally use land resources in Cang Long district. In making land use planning, after making the land use plan it is necessary to have a solution to implement the selected plan. In this study, the application of SWOT and GIS analysis is to identify specific solutions to support the implementation of effective land use planning. The factors related to land use are listed, collected, processed and formatted to build a database in GIS in four groups: land resources, land use, infrastructure and business. socio-economic. In the SWOT analysis from the GIS database, the S, W, O, T factors are analyzed spatially, from which the results of the study are proposed to propose four groups of strategic solutions (Using the strengths of grasping opportunities: S-O; Leveraging strengths to reduce risks: S-T; Overcoming weaknesses to take advantage of opportunities: W-O; "defensive" plan to avoid being more severely impacted: W-T) support for those out decide in the formulation and implementation of planning, land management process, serving socio-economic development in Cang Long district.

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Dinh Thi, P., & Tri, N. (2021). Application of SWOT and GIS for building strategy of land-use in Cang Long district, Tra Vinh province. Science & Technology Development Journal - Engineering and Technology, 4(SI1), SI16-SI25.

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