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In the MPM algorithm, all the particles are formulated in a single-valued velocity field hence the non-slip contact can be satisfied without any contact treatment. However, in some impact and penetration problems, the non-slip contact condition is not appropriate and may even yield unreasonable results, so it is important to overcome this drawback by using a contact algorithm in the MPM. In this paper, the variation of contact force with respect to time caused by the impact is investigated. The MPM using the Lagrange basis function, so causing the cell-crossing phenomenon when a particle moves from one cell to another. The essence of this phenomenon is due to the discontinuity of the gradient of the linear basis function. The accuracy of the results is therefore also affected. The high order B-spline MPM is used in this study to overcome the cell-crossing error. The BSMPM uses higher-order B-spline functions to make sure the derivatives of the shape functions are continuous, so that alleviate the error. The algorithm of MPM and BSMPM has some differences in defining the computational grid. Hence, the original contact algorithm in MPM needs to be modified to be suitable in order to use in the BSMPM. The purpose of this study is to construct a suitable contact algorithm for BSMPM and then use it to investigate the contact force caused by impact. Some numerical examples are presented in this paper, the impact of two circular elastic disks and the impact of a soft circular disk into a stiffer rectangular block. All the results of contact force obtained from this study are compared with finite element results and perform a good agreement, the energy conservation is also considered.

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Issue: Vol 4 No 1 (2021)
Page No.: 722-730
Published: Mar 30, 2021
Section: Research article

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Lo, S. V., Nguyen, N., Nguyen, M., & Thien, T. (2021). Impact force analysis using the B-spline material point method. Science & Technology Development Journal - Engineering and Technology, 4(1), 722-730.

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