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The paper presents a new rotor design of an external coupling Lobe pump driven by pair of elliptical gears. The new rotor is a four-tooth elliptical gear with tooth profile is a improve cylocid curve. The improve cylocid curve is the locus of the fixed point on the generation circle, when the circle a pure rolling without slipping on the elliptical centrode of the rotor. The conditions of the rotor addendum and dedendum profiles are also considered. The limited supply angle addendum and dedendum rotor profiles are determined through an iterative algorithm when the generation circle makes a pure rolling without slipping on the ellipse base of the rotor. From there, we proceed to determine the pump design parameters according to the characteristic design parameters forming the rotor profile. The flow rate of the pump is determined by the area of the pockets on a cross-section perpendicular to the pump shaft. On that basis, a Matlab program is written from the mathematical model established by the paper to calculate the rotor design. In addition, the paper also investigates the effect of the coefficient l (semi-major axis divided semi-minor axis of the elliptical centrode ) on the average flow and axis distance. Survey results show that the design at l = 0.5 flow is 52.17% larger and the axis distance is reduced by 21.43% when compared to the traditional design at l = 1. This is the advantage of the new design proposed by this study.

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Issue: Vol 4 No 2 (2021)
Page No.: 861-871
Published: Apr 25, 2021
Section: Research article

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Nguyen, T., & Long, N. (2021). A new design of the Lobe pump is based on the meshing principle of elliptical gear pairs. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 4(2), 861-871.

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