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Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) known, as a special purpose underwater research vehicle (SPURV) is really a pocket submarine that could be used in multipurpose such as meteorology, probing the pollution of stream, military spying, exploring an underwater tunnel or wrecked ships and other purposes. With the reason of the power of battery inside of AUV is limited, the aim of this paper is to represent an effect way of control the submerging and surfacing of an AUV in order to save energy for a longer time service or a deeper and further expedition under water. In fact, there are so many ways for saving energy of the battery of AUV and in this paper, the selection of keeping permanently the horizontal direction of the AUV in any operation as the situation of a real submarine is applied. The diving and surfacing of AUV are consigned to the motor of the pump that consumes a little of energy to keep the proportion of the weight and the Archimedes force by pumping water inside or outside of the AUV. The selection of volume of pumped water is considered as a dynamic ballast mass for maintaining the horizontal equilibrium of the AUV at the time of submerging and surfacing. In the other hand, the controlling of the gravity point of AUV for maintaining a fixed position of gravity of the AUV when submerging and surfacing are the main factors of the paper that is also investigated in this paper. Finally, the motor of the propeller or thruster that always spends a great energy has committed only for forward or backward motion of the AUV. In this measure, the motor of thruster does not confronted with a great consummation of energy when submerging and surfacing in an oblique direction as almost all popular measures of control of AUV.

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Issue: Vol 3 No SI1 (2019)
Page No.: SI151-SI156
Published: Aug 17, 2020
Section: Review

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Tan, L. K., Huy, T. N., & Hoang, P. H. (2020). A measure of control of submerging and surfacing of an Autonomous underwater vehicle for exploring underwater of rivers. Science & Technology Development Journal - Engineering and Technology, 3(SI1), SI151-SI156.

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