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Nowadays, the speed of urbanization is increasing rapidly, so the urban land area is fully utilized to build high-rise buildings, apartments, and commercial centers, and thus, the car tunnel parking and basement parking basements also become more popular. However, apartment fire and explosion, especially car fire and explosion is an extremely important issue that must be concerned in construction design. Therefore, it is essential to design an effective ventilation system in the parking basement when a fire occurs an effective ventilation system for the tunnel is really necessary for basement firefighting. When building up the car park, the importance is not only a reasonable architecture but also the ventilation and air quality of the tunnel because it directly affects human health.
Decades ago, scientists had studied the solution to ventilate the car park. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method is also applied to determine the pressure and velocity intensity for buildings that detect residuals in architecture, thereby improving and providing a superior solution. More for this problem. Many studies related to this issue have been published internationally. Jiang (Jiang, Allocca, & Chen, 2004) also investigated natural ventilation by using Reynolds Averaged Navier - Stokes turbulence model (RANS). Khalil (Khalil, Shoukry, H.A, & Harridy, 2015) also examined the distribution of CO emissions from buses in a basement in Cairo using ANSYS FLUENT software.
The basement car park is a popular solution to effectively use urban land, especially in commercial centers and apartments. However, the situation of apartment fire and explosion is a hot problem, partly due to the tunnel ventilation has not met the requirements of fire safety. Therefore, the design of the car park basement ensures fire safety as well as bring comfort to people. In this study, the problem of basement temperature and wind velocity by natural ventilation method will be analyzed and evaluated in accordance with ADPI standard and Carbon monoxide concentration with WHO standard to identify areas of unsatisfactory temperature and velocity to reasonably adjust and propose other suitable ventilation options.

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Issue: Vol 3 No SI3 (2020): Special Issue: Recent Advances in Applied Sciences
Page No.: SI22-SI28
Published: Nov 22, 2020
Section: Research article

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