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This is a research and develop paper about air traffic control process at the airport in national scientific research project. Air traffic control simulation system has become familiar in developed countries. Moreover, in Vietnam, the demand for air traffic control systems is increasing due to the boom of the civil aviation industry in general and air navigation service providers in particular. However, there is any research or development on this system in Viet Nam. The Northern and Southern Flight Management Companies all import control simulation systems at a very high cost from foreign aviation research companies and groups. Many other flight management companies also have a high demand for this system, including military units. This demand prompted the research team to find a solution to build an air traffic control simulation system in accordance with domestic training needs. Based on individual open-source simulation software with some basic features, the team has successfully built an aerodrome control simulation system that recreates the visually appealing 3D visualization used in training of air traffic controllers. This system is currently being applied to train air traffic management at Vietnam Aviation Academy

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Lưu, T., Hồ Thị Vũ, H., & Phạm Minh, V. (2021). Development of air traffic control simulator system applied in education and training. Science & Technology Development Journal - Engineering and Technology, 3(SI2), SI158-SI175.

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