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Controlling a robotic arms for applications such as detection and classification moving object using the vision sensor is a trend in the field of industrial robots. In particular, the vision sensor is the "eye" of the robot. To solve this problem, we need an efficient image processing algorithm for object identification to optimize the speed. Our classification principle based on the color of the object to be classified first, then separating contour to classify according to the shape of the object. In addition, our paper also propose a classification method that rarely mentioned in the relevant documents that classify based on object's characteristic. In fact, the product packaging not only has one color, but also includes complex color and patterns. Being able to classify these products shows the practicality of the proposed method. For complex colors and patterns object, the PCASIFT algorithm is useful, where SIFT extracts the local characteristics of the object and PCA reduces the number of dimensionality and retain only the best characteristics for identification. To picking object, a proposed design with the optimal requirements of picking order so that picking time is the shortest to minimize the delay for the next picking. The other outstanding advantage is a system of robotic arm to perform pick-up and sorting. This helps to verify good running algorithms in real time. The items are randomly released and the rotation of items is random. The speed of the conveyor is 5cm/s, an average of more than 2 seconds to pick up an object and robot arm processing precisely at high speed. The experimental results using camera Logitech C270, Yamaha Scara YK-400X robotic arm, LabVolt conveyor and OpenCV library are satisfactory, reliable and applicable.

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Issue: Vol 2 No SI2 (2019): Special Issue: Bach Khoa Youth Science and Technology
Page No.: SI127-SI136
Published: Dec 31, 2019
Section: Research article

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Tran, H. (2019). Study on image processing method to classify objects on dynamic conveyor. Science & Technology Development Journal - Engineering and Technology, 2(SI2), SI127-SI136.

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