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Astaxanthin is a natural compound, which has a higher antioxidant effect than vitamin C, has the effect of stimulating growth, resist some diseases, create attractive colors; so astaxanthin is widely used in agriculture and food, medicine, especially in salmon farming techniques. Astaxanthin is obtained from materials of natural origin such as seafood (shrimp shells, salmon), red yeast, microalgae, or from chemical synthesis. Haematococcus pluvialis is microalgae with high ability to synthesize astaxanthin. The subject is extracting astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis by adding Viscozyme. The results showed that the conditions of extracting algae by enzyme were optimal at 40 ℃, 45 minutes with enzyme concentration at 2%, 35.60 mg/g of astaxanthin in dry algae and the ability to extract soluble substances reached 37%. Extracting astaxanthin using added enzyme gave better results than the non-enzyme sample with a high yield of 38%, the ability of astaxanthin in capturing ABTS free radicals with IC50 reached 13.53 mg/l, 3 times higher than vitamin C (IC50 40.50 mg/l) and higher than the non-enzyme sample. Astaxanthin is very insoluble in water; we’re making the complexes between astaxanthin and β-cyclodextrin to increase water solubility of astaxanthin. When the ratio of astaxanthin (extract) to β-cyclodextrin is 1/50, the efficiency of astaxanthin dissolution is the highest with astaxanthin concentration of 18.85 mg/l, this is a precursor of the application of astaxanthin to food, and beverage...


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Issue: Vol 2 No 2 (2019)
Page No.: 79-85
Published: Sep 19, 2019
Section: Research article

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OANH, H., Tu, N., Nguyen Tran, M. L., & Dung, T. (2019). The application of Viscozyme to extract astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2(2), 79-85.

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