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One of the leading causes of air pollution, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pose a severe danger to both the environment and human health. In heat or light, catalytic oxidation has been recognized as a promising and successful approach for treating VOCs. Due to their affordability and environmental friendliness, manganese-based oxides are one of the most competitive and acceptable choices for the catalytic destruction of VOCs. In this study, we disperse Pt on MnO2 with trace Pt loadings of 0.5, 1, and 1.5 wt% to control the interaction of Pt-MnO2 (MnO2 = manganese oxide). In comparison to MnO2, the Pt-MnO2 catalyst exhibits higher VOCs oxidation performance due to its higher Brunauer-Emmett-Teller surface area, more active lattice oxygen, increased oxygen vacancy activating increased dioxygen molecules, more exposed Pt atoms, and noninternal diffusion of mass transfer. Among all the plantinum samples created with varying mass ratios, the Pt-MnO2 sample demonstrates the best characteristic characteristics as well as catalytic activity. The specific surface area of Pt-MnO2 is 108.74 m2/g. The Pt-MnO2 catalyst can totally convert Toluene into CO2 and H2O at a lower temperature of just 190 C while maintaining great stability for 600 minutes. Under conditions of high space velocity, the Pt-MnO2 catalysts' performance in oxidizing VOCs is steady, indicating tremendous promise for real-world use. This research shows that a Pt-dispersed MnO2 catalyst is superior to a MnO2 catalyst for the oxidation of VOCs, offering universally significant advice for the interaction of metals with supports and the control of interfaces during oxidation processes. The results suggest that the synthesized Pt-MnO2 material has a comparatively strong capacity to oxidize VOCs at low temperatures and a high stability, and that it can be developed and scaled up to a wider application scale.

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Manh Hung, K., Hien, T., & Bang, H. (2024). Enhanced efficiency MnO2-Promoted pt catalyst for VOCs oxidation. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 6(SI3), In press.

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