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Nowaday, diagnosing the operating state of an internal combustion engine is a mandatory requirement in the process of engine maintenance and repair. with method measuring instantaneous compression pressure in the non-ignition state driving by the starter motor, which result determine one of the important parameters to evaluate the operating condition of the engine. When the piston, connection rod, crankshaft and intake, exhaust systems is having faults to make other systems operation unstable.With method determine the results of the nodes of the graph pressure in cylinder from intake stroke - compression stroke - exhaust stroke, we can define operating status faults the cylider head, gasket, piston, piston ring, liner components and intake, exhaust systems. Using this method, we can implement maintenance engine quickly with modern equipment cleaning when the engine is operating idle speed or finding state of failure to perform engine to correct repair of the system, replacement the uninstalls procedures of the engine to analyze the failure status that current maintenance stations are performing. To achieve the goal, we have made suitable instantaneous compression gauge in the non-ignition state with low tolerances and building determine pressure relationship of internal combustion engine model define of intake – compression – exhaust status by pressure characteristic, to replace the current compression gauge.

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Hung, N., Thang, V., & Huy, L. (2022). Research and making instantaneous compression pressure measuring device for engine diagnostic. VNUHCM Journal of Engineering and Technology, 5(SI1), 100-108.

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